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Genosha Hotel

OSHAWA — An incentives package on the former Genosha hotel in Oshawa has been extended to Sept. 29-17 after it was set to expire at the beginning of this month.




In May 2016, Oshawa council set an Aug. 1 deadline for a $1.4-million incentive package, which is split between a property tax grant and a forgivable facade improvement loan.



The property, located at 70 King St. E., is currently owned by Richard Senechal through an Ontario numbered corporation. The basis for the incentives was a proposal by Bowood Properties to convert the former hotel into one-bedroom and bachelor apartments.



However, council learned in spring 2016 that the sale of the former hotel to Bowood was never completed.

In May 2016, Senechal and Bowood said they had reached a deal that would allow the project to proceed with both sides on board as Bowood had purchased shares in the numbered corporation that owned the former hotel. Since then, there has been no substantial work done on the Genosha.

Ralph acknowledged that the downtown community would like to see the project completed. The current hotel is widely regarded as an eyesore in the downtown.

"It is a frustrating process, however, staff, city residents, business owners, they all want to see the redevelopment happen and I didn’t want to do anything that would jeopardize that from happening," said Ralph.

Oshawa This Week – August 08, 2017







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Legally Speaking

Legally Speaking: When to Engage Construction Legal Counsel

Posted on January 10, 2017 by J. Norman Stark

  • A company receives a lawyer letter, stating representation of a party involved in one of the company’s projects, with notification of a claim for damages.
  • A company receives documents appearing to be new, unusual or unforeseen contract forms, additions, modifications or change orders.
  • Company encounters acts or conduct by another party on the project which is inconsistent with its previous experience, posing a potential risk factor.
  • A company receives assertion or notice, written or verbal, of potential claims by anyone.
  • A company considers terminating a subcontractor, supplier, or pulling off from the project.
  • A company detects or recognizes acts or conduct which may jeopardize the project or the company’s position.
  • A company discovers information which tends to raise substantial doubt of timely payment.
  • A company recognizes unusual conduct of the owner, developer, lender or others on the project which normally would not require the attention or intervention of the company’s lawyer.
  • Company experiences personality problems with representatives of another party on the project.
  • A company, after repeated efforts to resolve differences or difficulties, continues to experience significant risk, requests counsel to consider and advise on proper strategy implementation.
  • A company receives formal notice of an insurable lien or claim, threatening to stop the work, or demanding payment for work completed.
  • Company experiences injuries or loss of property on a project, with insurable losses.
  • A company recognizes financial instability of an owner or subcontractor, or disputes persist, impacting potential profitability of the project.

Experienced construction counsel may be relied upon to implement avoidance

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