Building Safer Construction Sites

Building Safer Construction Sites 

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Construction sites are dangerous places. Safety hazards lurk around every corner. This is evident by the high rate of occupational fatalities and injuries that occur each year in construction. Falls, electrocutions, heavy equipment rollovers and collapsing scaffolding are just a small number of ways workers can be seriously injured or killed on a construction site.

Construction firms that have achieved excellent safety records didn’t get them by accident. They aren’t lucky. These companies have made safety a key tenet of their company culture and have established proven safety programs that help them attain a goal of creating a zero accident work environment to protect their employees.

Building safer construction sites isn’t easy. It takes a tremendous amount of planning and work. Here are a handful of tips and advice to making every construction site safer.

- Establish a Safety Culture

- Create a Site Specific Safety Plan

- Training

- Empower Workers to Speak Up & Hold Each Other Accountable

- Conduct Daily Safety Meetings

- Inspect, Evaluate and Adjust



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