Health and Safety Excellence Program

Health and Safety Excellence Program - Why join?

Keeping your team safe and healthy at work is good for business. Our program provides a clear roadmap for you to improve safety in your workplace, whether you are just getting started or want to improve systems and processes you already have in place. The program connects businesses of all sizes with WSIB-approved providers to help you develop a program that is suitable for your business.

Sign up for a webinar - To learn more about our Health and Safety Excellence program and how you can earn rebates and recognition while we help you build and enhance your workplace health and safety programs and keep your business pandemic ready, sign up for one of our webinars. You will get the opportunity to learn more about the program, find out how to get started and ask questions.

Pandemic Readiness - Our program boasts 36 health and safety topics to help build a comprehensive health and safety system, five topics address the immediate pandemic-related priorities and can help businesses safely resume operations and remain open. Risk assessment – assess COVID-19 related health and safety risks in your workplace, including any new or modified operations or work locations, such as transitioning to work from home offices. Control of hazards – control the spread of COVID-19 through implementation of engineering controls, administrative controls, safe work practices, such as hygiene and sanitation, and personal protective equipment (PPE). Emergency prevention and preparedness – ensure your organization is ready to address challenges resulting from COVID-19 and is pandemic ready. Emergency response – define a work plan to address COVID-19, prevent spread, and resume your business operations safely. Workplace health promotion – empower your staff and support employee mental health through the pandemic and foster a more engaged and resilient workforce.

Recovery roadmap - Our health and safety excellence program can also be adapted to create a recovery roadmap for businesses. We can help you resume your business operations safely and confidently and increase your resiliency. Our roadmap features pathways for different business needs and sizes, and will guide you through the four key steps to recovering and rebuilding your health and safety programs: Identify, assess and control hazards Resume and maintain operations Build resiliency and sustainability Evaluate and ensure continual improvement As you complete the roadmap you can earn rebates on your premiums and recognition for your health and safety investments and improvements.

Rebates -  The Health and Safety Excellence program fits with our premium rate-setting model. Businesses with less ability to impact their rates will receive a 2% rebate per topic. Businesses with more ability to impact their rates will receive a 1.4% rebate per topic. This is because these businesses will see greater reductions in their premium rates as their health and safety experience improves. Rebates are based on annual WSIB premiums. For small businesses, we offer a minimum rebate of $1000 per completed topic. To learn more about minimum and maximum rebates, see the Program Guidelines. Use our rebate calculator (XLS) to estimate your potential rebate. You will need to know: Your total premiums for the past 12 months (you can calculate this using your premium rate statement) Your predictability percentage (you can find this on your annual statement or by logging in to Compass in our online services) The number of health and safety topics you are planning to complete.

Recognition -  Aside from the financial rebate, you can also receive recognition badges to use on your website, email signature and advertisements, to show others your commitment to workplace health and safety. Your badges will also show up on your business profile on our website when people search for safety stats.

If a DCA member has any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Ian, he would be happy to help.

Ian Morris Consultant, Health and Safety Excellence Program Workplace Health & Safety Services Division 416-356-7651 or


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