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Current DCA Member Trade Information is Essential

DCA Members,

Always review and make sure the DCA has your up-to-date information in the Membership and Classified Listings Section. It is important for your company to be displayed on the site correctly.  This web site is the source for DCA member trade information - current company data is essential.


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Costly Bidding Mistakes

13 Costly Bidding Mistakes & How to Avoid Them - November 16, 2016 - Kendall Jones

The Morning Blueprint by Construct Connect

Putting together a winning bid proposal is a lot more complicated than putting some numbers together and hoping for the best. Good bid preparation requires a lot of time and effort that involves everything from reading and fully understanding the plans and specifications to accurately estimating costs for labor, materials and equipment. Making even the smallest mistake can mean the difference between having a winning bid proposal and missing out on a coveted project.

- Bidding the Wrong Projects

- Incomplete Bid Forms and Documents

- Inaccurate Takeoffs

- Failing to Visit the Job Site

- Failure to Seek Clarification

- 2+2= Wrong

- Not Evaluating Equipment Needs

- Not Qualifying Subcontractors

- Labour Implications

- Not Factoring in Overtime

- Misunderstanding Material Requirements

- Rushed Bids

- Overlooking Risks

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CCDC - 2016

CCDC 2MA – 2016 Master Agreement is developed to meet the needs of Owners with an on-going construction or maintenance program: to enter into specific work arrangements quickly and easily, without having to review and re-negotiate general terms and conditions for each work order.

The Master Agreement is a contract form between Owner and Contractor that is applicable for a defined period of time and is intended to establish contractual terms and conditions (excluding scope, time and cost) for multiple projects during that time period.  Each project will be ordered by means of Work Authorizations, that define the project specific requirements like scope, price, time.

* Available in electronic format only.


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CCDC - 2016

CCDC 3 – 2016 is a standard prime contract between Owner and prime Contractor to perform the required work on an actual-cost basis, plus a percentage or fixed fee which is applied to actual costs.

CCDC 11 – 2016 Contractor’s Qualification Statement is a standard form for obtaining information on capacity, skill and experience of Contractors bidding on building construction projects. 

CCDC 29 is developed for Procurement Authority (e.g. Owners, Consultants, Construction Managers, Design-Builders) to explain and recommend best practices through the entire pre-qualification process.

There will be discussions on how to determine whether pre-qualification is necessary and appropriate during the procurement planning,  comparison of various types of pre-qualifications (unlimited, short-listing, source-list), best practices for Request for Qualifications (checklist, submissions, evaluation and interviews, notification and debriefing).

There will also be an explanation of the revised CCDC 11 ‘Contractor’s Qualification Statement’ and its correct use.

CCDC 44 - A guide document designed to assist users of CCDC 14 – 2013 and CCDC 15 – 2013


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